Tomahawk steak

July 05, 2023


We might be called ‘Fatfish’, but we offer far more than just seafood! 


One of our most popular dishes this year is our MB2 Australian tomahawk steak, imported and supplied by our partners at Classic Fine Food. With a range of weights available, this dish comes from the ‘Sharing Plates’ section of our menu and are generally from 1-1.7kg per piece. 



A tomahawk steak is basically a ribeye beef steak, but different in that at least five inches of rib bone is left intact. The extra-long bone is French trimmed, a culinary technique also used to give a rack of lamb its unique shape. With this method the meat and fat are trimmed from the bone, leaving a ‘handle’ that gives a bit of drama to the steak. 


A tomahawk is cut from between the sixth and twelfth rib, and the steak meat is highly marbled, very tender, and full of flavour. It is taken from a section of the animal where the muscles aren’t used much, leaving the meat particularly tender and soft. When cooking a tomahawk steak, the intramuscular fat mixes with the elements released from the large bone resulting in a wonderfully rich taste. The two things that make a tomahawk steak an above-standard ribeye are the extended bone and the fact that it is cut to the thickness of the rib. Did we mention it is called a tomahawk steak because it looks a bit like a Native American tomahawk axe? 


At Fatfish, our tomahawk steaks come as a complete meal, served with 3 side dishes of cheesy potato mash, roasted vegetables and garlic butter mushrooms. Two house sauces (chimicurri and mushroom) are also included in the price, making it the perfect dish to share with your friends and family! 


Come and try our tomahawk steaks, one of the best value you’ll find in Da Nang! 

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